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TNC Community Posters
TNC Community Members' Posters - 2010

For a list of current TNC members please visit our Member Agencies page.

For member intranet services (group list serve, file-sharing etc.) please visit our Member Login page.

There are important benefits and real value that comes with an organizations' choice to join with and participate in the Toronto Neighbourhood Centres association. Active and engaged members can expect the following:

  • Opportunities to gather and share useful information on issues that are, or will, impact their community members, clients, agencies and staff,
  • A peer network of colleagues all of whom are accessible and willing to provide advice, support and strategic suggestions on challenging issues,
  • New leadership and developmental opportunities for staff and volunteers both within the association and on joint external projects or task forces,
  • Access to the resources, especially capacities and skills, of the other member organizations,
  • The ability to bring forward ideas and participate in collective efforts to more effectively advocate on issues affecting Neighbourhood Centres,
  • The ability to initiate, participate and deliver on strategies or programs that may be city-wide,
  • The opportunity to learn about and share promising practices and program successes,· The opportunity to become involved in an organization framed by the principles of resources sharing, collective advocacy, and community development.

TNC Monthly Meetings
TNC holds monthly members' meetings to discuss shared issues and concerns, plan joint activities to support member agencies and undertake other business to advance the TNC mission. Yearly members' dues are pooled to hire part-time staff to coordinate our work together.

Membership in TNC is open to any organization that:

  • Shares the vision of TNC,
  • Operates in the Greater Toronto Area,
  • Is a non-profit agency governed by a volunteer Board of Directors,
  • Is neighbourhood based i.e. has a geographic catchment area defined at a scale smaller than the entire City of Toronto,
  • Is multi-service i.e. is directly responsible for providing programs relating to more than one issue area, such as health, education, social services, settlement services, housing, recreation, employment, training or community development.