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The Settlement House Movement

Cooking at Central Neighbourhood House 1911-2011
Cooking at Central Neighbourhood House 1911-2011

Neighbourhood Centres emerged from the Settlement House Movement which began in 1883 with the establishment of the first settlement house, Toynbee Hall in London, England. The first settlement houses established in Toronto included University Settlement House (1910), Central Neighbourhood House (Now part of The Neighbourhood Group) (1911) and St. Christopher House (now West Neighbourhood House) (1912), all of whom are still active members of the Toronto Neighbourhood Centres.

Inspired by the tradition of innovation within the Settlement House movement, today’s neighbourhood centres take many forms as they continue to generate innovative local solutions to global challenges. 


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TNC Members' Agency Origin Stories

Staff and volunteers from neighbourhood centres across the City shared their stories about the origins of their organizations at the June 11, 2003 TNC Annual General Meeting.To listen click on mp3 audio links below.

University Settlement 1913
University Settlement House 1913 - 95 Ann Street
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