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I have traveled a long, long path from my beginnings in Malta, then England and now in Scarborough. With my disability from polio and retirement recently, I feel isolated often and disconnected from community. Through social and community activities at Birchmount Bluffs, I have a welcoming place that values me as a person, with people who share my barriers and accept me.

For my poster, I chose to have a picture of the neighbourhood centre and a transport train with many cars leaving the centre and going along the neighbourhood. I did this because the centre is my link to mu community and it has been a big story of my life going back to when I was supported to travel from Malta to England as a young man, and then from England to Toronto. My poster means that through the centre, and the many supports and experiences I get there, I make my journey through life, stay connected to my neighbours and have a voice in issues that affect my life and community.

Joseph Galea