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Poster image

I was born with multiple disabilities (mobility impaired and almost totally blind) and wanted to swim but its hard for me to go swimming without the support I need. After coming to Birchmount Bluffs Neighbourhood Centre, I found that they had a barrier-free swim program where I could swim and get the physical supports I need. This is a great program and the staff are great too.

For my poster, I did most of it on my computer at home and then cut-and- pasted the images to make the poster. I one section, I used hands with a word on each hand all reaching toward the larger word, BBNC. I chose words I thought represented BBNC and its staff and many of its users.

In another section, I pasted a screenshot of the BBNC webiste. I did this for two reasons:
First, I initially found out about BBNC online, and second, BBNC was my first client when I started my web design business. The screenshot shows a little bit of my design work as well as my appreciation for BBNC taking a chance and hiring my services.

In another section, I have two wheelchairs -one photo of me in my chair and another of a brand new chair. Beside each I put captions describing the ways BBNC staff helped me since I connected with them.

In the last section, I have a poem about BBNC's Barrier-Free Swim program and underneath the poem are water waves with words describing the program (and BBNC in general) riding the top of the waves.

Maris Cruz