Toronto Neighbourhood Centres

TNC Neighbourhood Equity project proposal

Submitted by rob on February 27, 2018

Over the coming years Toronto Neighbourhood Centres will be exploring the possibilities of creating a TNC Community Investment Fund. Our proposed Neighbourhood Equity project will enable our network to align their strategies for investing organizational assets in ways that improve the economic inclusion of residents living on low incomes. The project will develop inclusive investment toolkits for nonprofit organizations, identify models for shared/pooled investment mechanisms, pilot agency-supported community investment initiatives that hold the most promise of increasing economic inclusion, and document the policy frameworks and partnerships that would enable these neighbourhood investment initiatives to be sustained, replicated and expanded in our communities. In this work, we hope to amplify our TNC Decent Work initiatives with efforts to identify practices of Decent Investment. We have submitted a project proposal to the Metcalf Foundation to support this work, and will be notified early April if we are successful.