Toronto Neighbourhood Centres

Acting Locally - Connecting Internationally

TNC Networking Activities

TNC members contribute to a world in which the international community is shaped by people working together from their local communities, a power and legitimacy from the base of society. We use our TNC network as a point of connection to partner with other networks and sector-supporting organizations, locally, nationally and internationally - to build circles of influence and shared impact.

Currently TNC, in partnership with Social Planning Toronto, the Alternative Planning Group, and the City-wide Agency Network is contributing organizing time and resources to help steward the development of a new nonprofit network in Toronto - the Toronto Nonprofit Network. The work of this emerging organization has been central in helping to support the development of a ground-breaking municipal policy framework outlining City/Sector relationships and commitments - see For Public Benefit: City of Toronto Framework for Working with Community-Based Not-For-Profit Organizations

Our networking partners include 
Social Planning Toronto
The City Wide Agency Network
United Way Toronto & York Region's Anchor Agency Network
The Toronto Nonprofit Network
The Ontario Nonprofit Network
The Canadian Association of Neighbourhood Services, and
The International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres.

Among our TNC member agencies we facilitate networks of staff groups to advance shared initiatives, build leadership and sector capacity, and expand innovative practices.

Please visit the TNC members' pages to find out more about our TNC inter-agency groups and initiatives.

And check out our TNC Timeline to explore the history of our networking efforts over the past 100 years.