Toronto Neighbourhood Centres

Stronger Together

TNC at Toronto Pride parade


Individually, TNC member agencies are independent community-managed non-profit organizations that respond to the unique and varied needs of their neighbourhoods. They all look a bit different and do different things. But they are united in their goal of supporting community members to make changes that create a healthier, inclusive and just society for all.

To advance our collective vision and the work of TNC member agencies, the TNC Association:

  • Identifies and speaks out on common issues and concerns in our communities as an association and in cooperation with other community groups;
  • Promotes the model of universal access multi-service Neighbourhood Centres as a core component of healthy communities (complementing strong public services and a well-supported network of organizations and services targeted to diverse communities and sectors)
  • Encourages the development of Neighbourhood Centres in under-served communities across Toronto;
  • Links Neighbourhood Centres across Toronto, serving as a medium for the exchange of information and ideas, and sharing organizational resources and capacities;
  • Sponsors inter-agency projects with member agencies and other organizations;
  • Promotes best practices for community-based social service, health and recreation activities.

TNC is a registered charitable organization and a member of the Canadian Association of Neighbourhood Services (CANS), and the International Federation of Settlements and Neighbourhood Centres (IFS).