TNC Community Development Renewal Initiative

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TNC CD Renewal Reports

"2 Pagers" TNC CD-Renewal promising practices and approaches to supporting agency-based CD work

A) Building Agency Understanding of CD

B) Linking Program and Service Delivery to CD Action

C) Identifying Community Assets and Challenges

D) Building CD Capacity of Individuals

E) CD Strategies in Action

CD Web Links

  • Toronto Community Development Institute

    A collaborative initiative of Toronto cd-practitioners aimed at expanding opportunities for connecting, learning together, and enhancing CD capacity in communities. The 2008 Spring Institute supported over 600 people to share their expertise and vision for moving forward. A 2009 event is currently being planned for April 23-25 at George Borwn College

  • Building Movement Project

    Launched in the summer of 2000, the Building Movement Project was developed in response to the many factors that have constrained the growth and efficacy of nonprofit organizations engaged in social change. These include an increasingly anti-progressive shift in US politics and in the nonprofit sector, the growing public assault on low-income and marginalized populations in the US, the loss of movement building strategies in organizations that have professionalized and/or been forced to focus on their own survival, and the lack of analysis and frameworks that helps groups place their work within a movement building context.

  • Theory of Change Tools

    What is Theory of Change and why should I care? A Theory of Change is an innovative tool to design and evaluate social change initiatives. By creating a blueprint of the building blocks required to achieve a social change initiative’s long-term goal, such as improving a neighborhood’s literacy levels or academic achievement, a Theory of Change offers a clear roadmap to achieve your results identifying the preconditions, pathways and interventions necessary for an initiative’s success.

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CD-Funding Opportunities in Toronto

Other Tools & Publications

  • Conflict Resolution Service at St. Stephen's

    For 20 years the Conflict Resolution Service at St. Stephen’s Community House has been contributing to community development by improving relationships between people and between and within organizations. We give people the capacity to work together more effectively, understand each other better, celebrate diversity and “walk the talk” of empowerment and inclusion. We do interpersonal and multi-party mediation, facilitation and team-building, and training in effective communication and conflict resolution. We run a regular schedule of affordable workshops, and offer custom services to meet specific needs. Our trainers and mediators among the best in the field, and are broadly representative of the many communities we serve. For more information contact us at or 416.925.2103 ext. 249

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